The Educational – Museum Centre

The Educational – Museum Centre of the Poleski National Park in Stare Załucze is an important edu-cational facility of the Park. It consists of a covered area for museum exibit pieces, the ‘Żółwik’ path with a waterhole, an Animal Rehabilitation Centre with an aviary for birds, and a run for mammals and a covered area for tourists as well as a place for lighting a campfire. In the museum the following collections are stored: archeological, ethnographic, historical (military, coins, documents) and natural exhibits, as well as exhibits presenting the cultural heritage of the West Polesie area.

In the museum covered area there are large ethnographic exhibits that do not fit in the museum. Par-ticular attention should be paid to a bay, this is a container used to store grain made of the trunk of a 250-year-old pine, as well as to peasant carts and carriages once produced in Załucze Stare. However, the ‘Żółwik’ path presents information about pond turtles and the construction of the forest and its inhabitants. On the path there is a waterhole with a fragment of a peat mat with the characteristics of a peat bog. An adult turtle can sometimes be spotted in the waterhole. By the path there is also an aviary for birds and a run for mammals, which are used for the temporary keeping and rehabilitation of sick and wounded animals.

The museum is open: in summer (1 IV - 31 X) every day from 8.00 am - 4.00 pm, in winter (1 XI - 31 III) available upon prior arrangement.