Rules and directions for visitors

1.  The whole nature of Poleski National Park is under protection, forbidden to pick up plants, to fish, to  catch, to frighten or to kill the wild animals, to pick up the fallow-dear’s antlers, to damage animals’ burrows or breeding grounds, to damage birds’ nests or to take out eggs from the birds’ nests.

2.  Please note that pick up mushrooms or other fruits of the forest’s floor are allow only in designated areas.

3.  It is allowed to visit Poleski National Park only during the day time (from dawn till dusk). The visitors are obliged to use only the marked paths and routs.

4.  Domicile tourism and professional photographing or filming is allowed only for visitors with a permit issued by the Director of Poleski National Park.

5.  Visiting of the Park in groups of more than 10 persons requires a prior notice to the Park’s administration.

6.  It is absolutely forbidden to use an open fire except for the areas designated for that purpose.

7.  Entering the nature paths is subject to a fee. Tickets can be purchased in the Educational-Administrative Centre of Poleski National Park located in Urszulin, Lubelska 3A street or in the Museum-Didactic Centre of Poleski National Park located in Stare Załucze. The tickets are also available here:

8.  For their own safety, the visitors of Poleski National Park should conform themselves to the prohibitions, take into account warnings located in the area of Poleski National Park and obey the instructions given by the Park Services.