Teaching and Administrative Centre

Ośrodek Dydaktyczno - Administracyjny

The Teaching and Administrative Centre of Poleski National Park in Urszulin, in Lubelska Street, is an important facility performing various educational functions. There is a ‘Pond Turtle Protection Centre’ in which, in the period from September to May, you can see little pond turtles. In the Teach-ing and Administrative Centre, in a special projection room, visitors can see films about the nature of the Poleski National Park and the culture of the Poleski region. The films make it possible to explore the mysteries of the wetlands and to meet the inhabitants of the Poleski bogs. In the Teaching and Administrative Centre there is a management board of the Poleski National Park and a library with a small collection of books. Here, in the reading room, you can use a lot of academic books, publica-tions, master's theses and other studies.

Close to the Teaching and Administrative Centre there is an Educational Garden which makes walking in the garden an interesting nature lesson. You can see some interesting species of the flora in our re-gion. This may, in turn, be a beginning of a flower trip, making it possible to find out more about the flora of the Park.