"Czahary" trail

In the Polesie National Park, the first natural didactic trail within the "Bagno Bubnów" area was established. The name of the newly created path - "Czahary" - means wetland covered with shrubs. The population in the eastern territories of the First Polish Republic used this word already in the 17th century.

The path leads through open areas of low peatbogs, and partly through diverse forests surrounding the peatbog from the north, begins and ends behind the village of Zastawie, by the observation tower. However, it is also accessible in Kulczyn and Wincencin.

The "Bagno Bubnów" peatbog is an ideal place for many species of wetland birds. You can meet here: Common Snipe, Eurasian Curlew, The black-tailed godwit, Spotted Crake, The black-headed gull, or Western Marsh Harrier. It is also a great place for cranes. Their autumn gatherings in the Bubnów swamps are among the largest in the region. Over 3,000 individuals can gather here for spending nights.

There is another rare bird species on the "Bagno Bubnów" - The Aquatic Warbler. This inconspicuous bird from the reed warblers family is the rarest, migrating singing bird in Europe. The population in Polesie NP is stable and is estimated at about 400 singing males - this is the second largest population in the country.

Not only bird lovers will find something for themselves here. The path leads through forest, meadow and peatbog ecosystems, each of them representing different, specific plant and animal species. If you are lucky, you’ll see moose, roe deer and red deer as well.