“Dominik Oak" trail

It's length is 2.5 km (the longer option is 3.5 km). It starts in the village of Lomnica. Part of the foot-bridge is adopted for the disabled. The trail runs through various types of forests (high and low oak-linden-hornbeam forests, swamp forest) to the dystrophic Moszne Lake, which is in the last phase of being overgrown. A peculiar element of the trail is a transitory turf land generated on a quagmire called in here “splea”. Rare and interesting boreal plants are here, for example, the downy willow and swamp willow, betula humilis, round-leaved sundew and bog-rosemary and northern Labrador tea. A fragment of the trail from stop number 1 to stop number 7 is adopted for the use by the disabled.