Protection of open waters

Protective activity carried out on waters being under the management of Poleski National Park

The main tasks within the protection of the aquatic ecosystems are to counteract the effects of the permanent draining process from PNP areas; they are also aimed at an improvement of water relations and the inhibition of their degradation. Apart from above-mentioned activities, a year by year patrolling of the ponds is carried out, the ditches supplying water to ponds are being cleaned, the pond dikes are being mown, and in winter time, if necessary, blowholes are being cut out, as well as outlet boxes are being forged of ice.

The state of all water buildings is still being monitored by Park Services in order, if necessary, to react on water leaks which can be caused by beaver activity or simply by the high state of waters in the spring period.

Carried out on ponds, and from 2006 also on the Lukie lake, the controlled live catching of certain species is aimed at ichtio-fauna naturalisation. The main target of these controlled live catching live is also to eliminate the expansive foreign species such as the silver Prussian, and the brown bullhead.