The black grouse restitution in PNP

In 2001, Poleski National Park started the black grouse restitution programme. The procedures were conducted in two stages. The first one included the preparatory work consisting of the active protection of non-forest ecosystems. Cutting off afforestation and bushes, mowing of the reeds, as well as raising the groundwater level, were carried out. The second stage of action used procedures directly applying to the preservation of the species, which included:

 - live catching of the black grouse on Belarusian and Ukrainian Polesie,

 - Acclimatisation of birds in the aviary,

 - letting black grouse out and then monitoring them in the field.

Currently the Park has completed the process of live bird catching and displacing, and works are concentrating on the all-year-round monitoring of the black grouse. Altogether, in frameworks of the programme, 116 birds were displaced to the area of the park. Current observation confirmed that the black grouse have stayed in the Park, and in the neighbouring area, and they demonstrate tendencies to migration on a small area (within a radius of a few kilometres).