Non-woodland ecosystems

Turf lands

There are three turf land complexes within the borders of PNP with generally clear characteristics and common features of landscape and basis:

- The turf land complex of Bubnów Swamp [Bagno Bubnów](with Staw Swamp [Bagno Staw]). Vast carbonate turflands: Staw Swamp and Bubnow Swamp, located on a chalk basis, in the basins, are with small enclaves of low in turf humid grasslands and accumulations of transitory turf land vegetation.

- Durne Swamp [Durne Bagno] turf complex, together with the Moszna and Dlugie lake complexes, and the area between them. Those are generally acid turf lands, but there are also open turf lands and small mid-forest turf lands.

- Orlowskie turf land, together with Karasne Lake and its surroundings. Very rare territory transitory turf land is there.

Moreover, there are numerous small mid-forest turf lands with growing rare and precious flora.

Low turf lands in the PNP area are located in drain less basins and are supplied with water flowing down from the slopes locally. Often, the bottom of the low turf land basins consists of shallowly covering chalk; this type of turflands is called carbonate (a rarity on a scale of a country and Europe).torfowisko_przejciowe_nad_j._moszne.jpg

High turf lands supplied by precipitation have a characteristically shaped hurst-valley structure that is the result of summer water shortages against evaporation by rotation with wet periods lasting a few years.

Open turf lands cover 16.5 % of the general Park area, even though turf soils cover as far as 65 %, and dote soils 2 % of what seems , originally, to have been a considerably bigger area of turf lands.


Considerable areas are covered by meadows and pasture lands gathered in three bigger complexes. The biggest one is "Zienkowskie Meadows" where, depending on the degree of humidification, Poa pratensis-Festuca rubra or Alopecurus pratensis accumulations dominate. The area is characterised by a vast floristic variety and diversification, and it is a particularly precious area for fauna connected with this type of areas. The next complex "Orlowskie Meadows" is located in the mid-forest area. Grassy ecosystems grow in enclaves that are small in size. Within the PNP borders, there is also a fragment of a "Dzikie Meadows" meadow complex. The last two mentioned areas are mainly used agriculturally.

Synanthropic ecosystems

In the PNP terrain, many places with fields and fallow lands can be found. Many precious accumulations and synanthopic plant species are connected with them, and in many cases they are rare or gradually disappearing because of the change in farming development. To protect those areas, the further development with traditional methods of some fragments of such accumulations is recommended.