Observation towers


The area of the Poleski National Park is covered by vast peat plains. The area is flat with only several small hills. To make it easier for the visitors to see swamps that are generally inaccessible, 7 observation towers were erected on the local natural hills. From the tops of the towers the visitors can contemplate the panorama of Bagno Bubnów (Bubnów Swamp), an open peat bog, and a similar peat bog Bagno Staw (Swamp Pond) as well as the landscape of the highmoor peat bog of a Durne Bagno, a continental-type swamp in the central part covered with a swamp forest. Two towers are in the causeways in the "Perehod" natural path. They give the possibility to see the ponds’ panorama and provide better conditions for watching mud and water bird species staying there, especially in spring and summer. One of the towers was erected on the causeway of the Lipniak “Insurrectionary Camp” natural and historical path. This is an excellent spot for watching birds and big mammals such as moose, roe deer and boars.