THE “URSZULIN-PEREHOD” ECO-PATH is the first trail linking all natural paths in the Poleski National Park. The eco-path starts in Urszulin next to the seat of the Park authorities. From there, the path leads to Stare Załucze where the Park Museum is located. In Stare Załucze „Spławy” hiking natural path also starts. From Załucze we go to Zawadówka and then to Wola Wereszczyńska and Łomnica Kolonia where the “Dominik Oak” natural path has its beginning. Past Jamniki village we turn right to Lipniak. And there the “Insurrectionary Camp” natural and historical path starts. From Lipniak we head north to reach the “Mietiułka” bike path and the “Perehod” natural path. The eco-path ends in Pieszowola.


The eco-path gives you the opportunity to see the most attractive areas of the Poleski National Park as well as to discover the most characteristic features of the landscape predominant in this part of Polesie.